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Platin XL/XXL Direct Rainwater Harvesting System 10000-25000 Litres

Introduce a smarter, more sustainable way to manage water with the Platin XL/XXL Direct rainwater harvesting system.

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How It Works: The Platin XL/XXL Direct systems works when rainwater is efficiently collected from your roof and travels through downpipes into a robust underground tank. As it enters, the water is filtered to remove debris, ensuring only clean, usable water is stored. This filtration process is critical for maintaining the integrity and longevity of the system by preventing sediment from accumulating in the tank. Automatic Mains Water Backup: One of the standout features of the Platin XL/XXL Direct is its mains water top-up unit. Located within the property for convenience, this unit automatically supplies water to the underground tank when rainwater levels are low, thanks to a float switch that monitors water levels. This ensures a continuous water supply, making it ideal for periods of low rainfall. Energy-Efficient Operation: The system includes a pressure-sensitive pump in the underground tank, designed to operate only when water is needed. The pump activates when a tap or valve is opened and shuts off when closed, allowing the system to repressurise. This pressure drop activation minimises electricity usage, as power is only used when necessary. Cost-Effective Installation: The Platin XL/XXL Direct offers a gravel backfill option instead of a traditional concrete backfill, saving approximately £60 per cubic metre on installation costs. This makes the installation process more affordable, faster, and less invasive. Flexible Installation Options: With the vehicle loading lid, this system can be installed under driveways or other high-load areas, maximising the use of space on properties where garden or yard space is limited. This feature allows homeowners to utilize their property fully without sacrificing valuable outdoor areas. Sustainable Materials: The tank is crafted from 100% recycled plastic, reflecting a solid commitment to environmental sustainability. This choice of material reduces the carbon footprint of producing new plastic and ensures the system is durable and long-lasting. Intelligent Water Management: Equipped with an automatic submersible pump featuring automatic restart and dry-run protection, the Platin XL/XXL Direct system offers hassle-free operation. These features safeguard the pump and system against damage due to running dry or power interruptions, ensuring reliable operation year-round. Opt for the Platin XL/XXL Direct rainwater harvesting system if you want a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to manage your water needs. Its advanced features and efficient design make it ideal for modern, eco-conscious households. Images are for illustrative purposes only, there is a possibility that certain products may have been upgraded or replaced with equivalent alternatives.

What's Included

Supplied by Graf

Platin Shallow Dig Direct Supply system package 10000-25000 Litres comprising of;

  • PLATIN XL/XXL Shallow Dig tank 10,000 – 25,000 litres
  • PLATIN telescopic dome shaft Mini green, with PE-lid, for pedestrian loading/or vehicle loading, an option with vehicle loading lids.
  • PLATIN Maxi tank dome, DN150 pipe connections
  • Platin Tank dome plug
  • PLATIN XL/XXL Filter package 3 Optimax Pro Filter internal – DN150
  • Pump package House Direct
  • 25m roll of rainwater harvesting b/g pipe, (25 mm, with fittings)
  • Filter (Minimax filter supplied in accordance with the type of tank)
  • Submersible pump with floating water intake
  • Mains water back up unit
  • Float sensor (connected from mains water back up unit to the underground tank)
  • NB. 10,000L & 25,000L tanks have two access turrets and are supplied with two Maxi domes with DN150 connections and two lids of the loading you require

 Supplied by Others

  • 100mm diameter duct pipe to contain; float sensor cable, power cable for the pump, also bringing mains water to underground tank as and when required
  • 100mm diameter drainage pipe connected from downpipes to the inlet at the top of the tank (all downpipes brought into one pipe for connection to the filter)
  • 100mm diameter pipe for overflow from the tank to mains drainage network or soakaway

Dimensions, Levels & Weights

Platin Tank Dimensions & Weights (10000L – 25000L)

Platin 10000L Shallow Dig Tank | Download
Platin 15000L Shallow Dig Tank | Download
Platin 20000L Shallow Dig Tank | Download
Platin 25000L Shallow Dig Tank | Download

A New Dimension in Rainwater Management | Download

PLATIN XL Installation and Maintenance Instructions | Download
PLATIN XXL Installation and Maintenance Instructions | Download

Mini & Maxi Lid Dimensions

PE Mini Lid (Pedestrian Loading 371010) | Download

PE Maxi Lid (Pedestrian Loading 371011) | Download

Vehicle Loading Lid (371052) | Download

Extension piece options

Extension Sleeve (371003) | Download

Extension Sleeve (371015) 1000mm | Download


This informative guide covers the following:

  • Loading information
  • Tank coverage heights
  • Excavation dimensions
  • Technical & general data
  • Installation & Assembly

PLATIN XL Installation and Maintenance Instructions | Download
PLATIN XXL Installation and Maintenance Instructions | Download

Additional Items