EcoBloc Inspect Flex

Stackable, inspectable design and a 96% void ratio to enhance storage and maintenance efficiency.

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Space-Efficient and Cost-Effective: EcoBloc Inspect Flex stands out with its highly efficient stackable design, which saves up to 1.5 times the space required for on-site storage compared to traditional single-piece crates. This design feature drastically reduces the physical area needed for storage, making it an ideal choice for constrained project sites.

Reduced Transportation Needs: In addition to saving space, the stackable nature of EcoBloc Inspect Flex crates also means fewer deliveries are required, cutting transportation needs by up to 1.5 times. This reduction in transport not only lowers logistics costs but also minimises the environmental impact associated with freight, aligning with sustainable building practices.

Easily Inspectable for Long-Term Maintenance: One of EcoBloc Inspect Flex’s unique features is its ability to accommodate inspection cameras and maintenance jetting equipment. This allows for easy inspection and upkeep, ensuring the stormwater management system’s long-term functionality and reliability. Maintenance teams can quickly check and clear the crates, preventing blockages and maintaining optimal performance.

High Capacity and Efficiency: With a high void ratio of 96%, EcoBloc Inspect Flex maximises stormwater storage capacity, allowing it to handle large volumes of water efficiently. This is critical in reducing overflow and preventing flooding, especially in areas prone to intense rainfalls.

Optimised Load Capacity: EcoBloc Inspect Flex’s design facilitates the transportation of up to 146m³ of crates on a single artic lorry, maximising shipping efficiency and further reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

Choose EcoBloc Inspect Flex for your next construction project to benefit from reduced operational costs, streamlined maintenance, and superior stormwater management capabilities, all while supporting environmental sustainability.



Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 800 × 800 × 320 mm