Rain Bloc

Offering a high void ratio of 95% and a robust loading capacity of up to 60 tonnes.

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Exceptional Load Capacity: Rain Bloc is engineered to withstand heavy loads, with a capacity of up to 60 tonnes, making it suitable for light residential areas and heavy commercial zones. This high load capability ensures that the system can be used under parking lots, driveways, and other areas with frequent heavy vehicle traffic, providing versatile and reliable stormwater management solutions.

Optimised Storage Efficiency: With a high void ratio of 95%, Rain Bloc efficiently maximises stormwater storage within a compact footprint. This high void ratio allows for greater water retention and effective management, reducing the risk of overflow and flooding during heavy rainfall, thereby safeguarding property and infrastructure.

Cost-Effective Transportation: Designed to be economical in logistics, Rain Bloc can transport up to 90m³ of crates on a single artic lorry. This capability significantly reduces the number of trips required to deliver the system to the site, cutting down on transportation costs and minimising the environmental impact associated with emissions from freight transport.

Versatile Applications: Rain Bloc is ideal for various applications, including as an attenuation tank or a soakaway crate system. Its robust design and high capacity make it a top choice for urban planners and civil engineers looking for practical solutions to manage stormwater in urban environments.

Choose Rain Bloc for your stormwater management needs to enjoy a system that combines durability, high capacity, and environmental efficiency, ensuring your project remains sustainable, compliant, and cost-effective.



Dimensions 1200 × 600 × 420 mm