About Us

Graf UK Ltd is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of sustainable water management systems in the UK. We’re focused on three top priorities;

  1. Preventing flooding in increasingly extreme weather conditions, through stormwater management.
  2. Preventing sewage being discharged into water courses.
  3. Putting the precious resource of rainwater to good use through rainwater harvesting.

Using 100% recycled materials in the process.

We provide the following products and services to our customers…

Stormwater management systems

Stormwater management systems for all types of construction projects. Large or small. Soakaways or full attenuation tanks. We provide a full service from design through to installation on site. On receipt of drainage layout drawings for specific construction projects, we look to value-engineer each stormwater design to provide a proposal that is most suitable for the client, whilst using our most appropriate products to meet the storage and structural loading requirements. As an example, our EcoBloc family of stormwater crates can be used for light duty areas up to fully trafficked car parks and service yards. We can also include inspectable channels throughout the tank, which are accessed via our Vario Shafts to enable full inspection and cleaning during future maintenance of the system.

Wastewater treatment systems

Wastewater treatment systems that are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Our one2clean sewage treatment plants provide a very high effluent quality, whilst using less energy than many systems and without the need for mechanical system parts inside the wastewater tank. In addition to this our advanced wastewater treatment system can be used for commercial applications up to 1000PE (population equivalent), with additional modules that allow for remote system monitoring, optional automatic adjustment to specific building occupancies, as well as warning lamps, extra cleaning functions (e.g. phosphate removal or carbon dosing) and pumped outlets. We have standard off-the-shelf packages for many applications and can also design site-specific bespoke systems for individual requirements.

Rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting systems that can provide both domestic and commercial buildings with recycled rainwater to save on mains water usage. Our tanks and filter packages range in size to suit any type of building. From our 1500 litre Platin tank, right up to our 52,000 litre Carat XXL tank, we have a solution for all applications. We also provide a number of options for pump packages to transfer the harvested rainwater back inside the property for re-use either for toilet flushing, for washing machines, for general cleaning water inside the property and also use outside via an external tap or irrigation system. Just like our wastewater treatment systems, our rainwater harvesting systems are available as off-the-shelf packages suitable for many types of homes and commercial buildings and we can also design bespoke systems to suit individual requirements.

Garden products

Including water butts, composters, growing tunnels & cloches, raised flower beds and a wide range of buckets and containers. Our GARANTIA® products are all designed and created to make the most of any garden. Whether that’s to recycle rainwater by collecting it inside a decorative water butt and using it to water flowers and irrigate lawns or wash vehicles, or a compost bin to recycle your own waste and produce your own compost to use to help your plants grow.

We operate from our head office in Banbury, Oxfordshire and our branch in Glasgow. We pride ourselves on our customer service levels and we’re passionate about growing our business so we can help more and more people with their water management requirements.

We’re very aware that water is a precious resource and we believe that we must all take responsibility for better use of it to help prevent future water shortages. Our Parent Company, Otto Graf GmbH, was established in 1962 and spent its early years almost exclusively selling containers, barrels and tanks for wine growers and wineries. Within a few years it turned its attention to producing rainwater tanks and quickly achieved a leading position in this market. We have been consistently developing this area of our business ever since.

Now, with businesses in many parts of the world and customers in over 70 countries worldwide, GRAF remains focused on providing products that help to save and manage water. We’re proud to bring these products to the UK market and to encourage everyone to take their responsibility seriously when it comes to water management.