Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting makes so much sense!

It’s also very straight-forward and easy to do. Put simply, rainwater harvesting is collecting the rainwater that falls onto the roof of a building (either a home or a commercial building) and then capturing it inside a tank, which can be located either above or below ground. On it’s way into the tank, it passes through a filter – which varies in size depending on the surface area of the roof that the rainwater is being collected from – which keeps all leaves, moss and debris that may be travelling with the rainwater out of the tank. Once the rainwater is held within the tank, it is then extracted for use. If the rainwater tank is above ground, then the rainwater can simply be taken out of the tank via a tap – as would be the case in a simple water butt. If the rainwater is being stored in a tank underground, then it must be extracted out of the tank using a pump. There are many types of pumps for different applications. Depending on what the harvested rainwater is being used for, there may also be a requirement for a mains water backup function for periods where little rainwater is collected.

We have four main underground tanks that we use for rainwater harvesting.

Platin Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Carat Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Platin XXL Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Carat XXL Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Our rainwater harvesting packages are available using all of the tanks. For information on the standard packages, click here.