Production expertise

The manufacturing process is essential for a top-quality product. GRAF products have to fulfil a wide range of requirements. For this reason, GRAF is proficient in all established procedures for the manufacture of plastic products. The optimal manufacturing procedure for each product can therefore be accessed in-house. Our production facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment. This is the only way to guarantee superlative quality at attractive prices.

Continuous quality assurance

The image of our products is shaped by their high quality and manufacturing reliability. During the manufacturing process, each component is provided with a serial number. The development of each tank is comprehensively documented. All production parameters, such as weight, date of manufacture and material batch, are stored as part of our quality assurance.

Injection moulding expertise

GRAF broke new ground by using injection compression moulding to make the Carat tank. To manufacture this tank, GRAF commissioned the development and construction of the world’s largest injection moulding machine. Since then, GRAF has also gained several years of experience in the complex manufacture of what is probably the world’s highest-quality plastic tank.

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