OneAdvanced Sewage Treatment Plant

An eco-efficient packaged sewage treatment plant boasting low power consumption and exceptional discharge quality.

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Exceptionally Low Power Consumption: The OneAdvanced sewage treatment plant leads the market in sustainability with its remarkably low energy usage of only 0.59 kW per day. This is up to 50% less than comparable systems, making it a perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners looking to reduce their ecological footprint and energy bills.

High-Quality Discharge: Our OneAdvanced wastewater treatment system is efficient and delivers superior discharge quality. It consistently meets and exceeds environmental and regulatory standards, ensuring homeowners’ peace of mind. The system includes modular options for enhanced nutrient neutrality, which is crucial for stringent environmental compliance.

Ultra-Quiet Operation: Designed with residential tranquillity in mind, OneAdvanced operates at a whisper-quiet 36 decibels. Its low noise output ensures it integrates seamlessly into any home without disrupting the peaceful atmosphere.

Innovative Features for Modern Homes:

  • Flush-to-Ground Lid: Our system’s lid is ingeniously designed to be flush with the ground, preserving your property’s aesthetic appeal and maintaining a clean, unobtrusive profile.
  • Vehicle Loading Lid: Ideal for properties with limited space, this feature allows for installation directly in driveways without sacrificing functional garden space or property aesthetics.
  • Integrated Sampling Chamber: This built-in feature facilitates easy and efficient monitoring of discharge quality, eliminating the need for additional installations and reducing overall maintenance costs and complexity.
  • Gravel Backfill: Ditching traditional concrete for gravel offers versatile installation across various ground conditions, cuts costs, and boosts environmental sustainability, saving up to £60 per cubic metre.
  • Maintenance Made Simple: With no moving parts or internal electrical components, maintenance is straightforward and cost-effective, managed via an external control panel and compressor.

Versatile Size Options: From small residential setups (10PE) to large-scale projects (up to 1000PE), OneAdvanced adapts to various needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability for any project size.

Choose the OneAdvanced sewage treatment plant for an innovative, silent, and high-performing sewage treatment solution that is as good for the planet as it is for your peace of mind.




10PE, 14PE, 22PE, 28PE, 35PE, 40PE, 50PE, 60PE, 75PE, 100PE, 125PE, 150PE, 175PE, 200PE, 220PE, 250PE, 275PE, 300PE, 350PE, 400PE, 450/500PE, 550/600PE, 650/700PE, 750/800PE, 850/900PE, 950/1000PE

Type of Lid

Pedestrian Loading, Vehicle Loading