EcoBloc Light

An ultra-efficient attenuation crate that maximises storage and reduces delivery needs with a 97% void ratio.

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Enhanced On-Site Efficiency: EcoBloc Light is a top-tier attenuation crate designed to optimise stormwater management processes. It stands out in the market by offering a stackable design that saves up to six times the storage space compared to traditional single-piece crates. This design significantly minimises the area needed for on-site storage, making it a superb choice for space-restricted projects.

Dramatic Reduction in Transportation Costs: EcoBloc Light’s same stackable feature reduces the number of deliveries required to transport the crates to the site by up to six times. This efficiency cuts down on transportation expenses and contributes to a lower carbon footprint, aligning with sustainable construction practices.

Quick and Easy Installation: Featuring a smart tapered design, EcoBloc Light crates are faster and easier to install than conventional single-piece crates. This design allows for rapid assembly, facilitating shorter project timelines and reducing labour costs, which is particularly beneficial in large-scale construction projects.

Superior Storage Capacity: With an impressive void ratio of 97%, EcoBloc Light ensures maximum stormwater attenuation capacity. This allows for effectively managing large volumes of water, reducing the risk of flooding and water damage, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall.

High Load Bearing Capabilities: EcoBloc Light is engineered to handle loading capacities of up to 12 tonnes.

Optimised Transportation: EcoBloc Light can efficiently transport up to 600m³ of crates on a single artic lorry, optimising logistics and reducing project costs and environmental impact.

Select EcoBloc Light for your stormwater management needs and benefit from its high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and superior performance. This will ensure your project meets regulatory and environmental standards while staying on budget.



Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 800 × 800 × 350 mm