Designing Stormwater Management Systems

Send us your drainage layout drawings and we’ll do the rest…

We often make changes to the tank design to make it as cost-effective as possible. We’re adding value by making sure our proposal not only meets the needs of the job but also adds some sort of benefit. Whether it is a slight change in the tank depth to reduce the footprint for reduced dig, or adding inspection channels and access shafts to enable future inspection and maintenance of the tank, we’re always looking for ways to offer additional value to our customers, and our customer’s customers.

The best wins come when we’re involved early in the project. When it’s at the design stage and we’re consulted to input on the original design. We’ve saved our customers clients’ money by checking tank size requirements to actually reduce the amount of storage that is required by carrying out our StormFlow calculations which determine what tank size is required to meet the standards and discharge rates from the tank. We’ve also worked on projects where the tank has been moved to a much higher level within the ground, removing the requirement to excavate down to below 5m underground, with all the risks and costs involved with working at such a depth, and we’ve saved our customer both time and money in the process by a simple change in the location and position of the tank.

Value-engineering is all about looking at the bigger picture. By not just offering a like-for-like product we look at the overall scheme, the overall drainage layout, and we work out a way to offer some additional value.

For every tank we install we produce a site-specific CAD drawing to show all levels, pipe connections, storage volume and section details, which is submitted for approval by our customer before we begin installation. Below you will find links to download our standard detail drawings for our various stormwater management systems.

Standard detail drawings

Graf Stormwater Attenuation Tank Standard Detail Drawings

Graf Soakaway Tanks Standard Detail Drawings

Vario Shaft Standard Detail Drawings