Platin XL Slurry & Silage Tank 10000L – 15000L

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Efficiently manage farm waste with the Platin Tank XL Silage & Slurry, designed for heavy-duty use and long-term durability with a 20-year lifespan.


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Streamlined Connection Setup: The Platin Tank XL Silage & Slurry features a rotating tank dome, facilitating easy alignment of connecting lines drastically simplifying the installation process. This feature is especially beneficial on farms where quick and adaptable configurations are needed to integrate with existing structures or systems.

Enhanced Customisation with Dual Domes: Offering an optional second tank dome, this silage and slurry tank provides additional customisation to suit diverse farm storage needs. This flexibility allows for more efficient space utilisation and better farm waste management, adapting to varying operational demands.

High Vehicle Load Suitability: Built to withstand up to 30 tonnes of vehicle weight, the Platin Tank XL is perfect for agricultural settings that experience frequent heavy vehicle traffic. This durability ensures the tank can be placed in accessible areas, such as near feedlots or milking parlours, for easy loading and unloading.

Low-Profile Design: The Platin Tank XL maintains a low profile with a tank height of just 190 cm, making it ideal for farms with visual or spatial constraints. This compact design helps keep the farm’s landscape and complies with local regulations that may limit structure heights.

Designed for Longevity: Engineered to meet rigorous UK guidelines, the Platin Tank XL has a 20-year design life, promising enduring performance and reliability. This extended lifespan guarantees that the tank will serve agricultural needs for decades, offering excellent return on investment through reduced need for replacement or major repairs.

Opt for the Platin Tank XL Silage & Slurry to ensure efficient, compliant, and durable management of farm waste. Its features are tailored to withstand the demands of modern agriculture and enhance operational efficiency.



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