Platin Tank Cesspool 1500L – 7500L

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The Platin Cesspool Tank offers a low installation depth for quick, cost-effective setup and is suitable for vehicle loading, making it highly practical for various locations.


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Streamlined Installation: One significant feature of the Platin Cesspool Tank is its low installation depth, which shortens installation times and significantly reduces installation costs. This feature makes it an ideal choice for new construction and retrofit projects where minimising disruption and cost is crucial.

Vehicle Loading Compatibility: Equipped to handle pressure, the Platin Tank Cesspool can be fitted with a telescopic dome shaft with a vehicle loading lid. This adaptation allows the cesspool to withstand vehicle loads, making it suitable for installation areas like driveways or parking lots where space and practicality are paramount.

Robust Construction: Designed to be groundwater-stable up to the tank shoulder, the Platin Tank Cesspool boasts a highly stable construction. This stability is crucial in areas with high groundwater levels, providing reliability and preventing structural compromise over time.

Easy to Transport and Handle: Despite its robustness, the Platin Tank is lightweight, simplifying installation transportation and handling. This ease of transport reduces logistical challenges and overall project costs, making it an attractive option for sites that are difficult to access.

Versatile and Durable: Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, this Cesspool is a versatile solution for effective sewage management. Its durable design ensures long-lasting functionality, even under challenging environmental conditions.

Opt for the Platin Tank Cesspool for a hassle-free, cost-effective, and durable sewage treatment solution that excels in efficiency and adaptability. If you’re looking for a small, simple solution to deal with the sewage coming from your property, this tank is your best bet. Thanks to its flat and lightweight design, it’s incredibly easy and straightforward to install. In fact, this tank can be installed and connected within a few hours.



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