Carat XXL Slurry & Silage Tank 16000 – 56000

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Carat XXL Silage & Slurry Tank features a lightweight design, an optional second dome, and a 20-year lifespan.


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Heavy-Duty Load Capacity: Designed to endure the heavy demands of agricultural use, the  Carat XXL Slurry & Silage Tank is suitable for vehicle and lorry loading, withstanding up to 40 tonnes. This robust capacity ensures the tank can be placed under areas of frequent heavy traffic, making it ideal for agricultural and commercial applications.

Superior Groundwater Stability: Built with a highly stable design, the Carat XXL Tank remains secure and effective in high groundwater conditions. This stability is essential for preventing water ingress and ensuring the tank’s integrity and longevity, even in challenging environments.

Lightweight Construction: Despite its large capacity and durable build, the Carat XXL Tank is significantly lighter than similar tanks made of concrete or steel. This makes it easier to transport and install and reduces strain on the installation site, allowing for greater flexibility in its placement.

Optional Second Tank Dome: Offering customisable configurations, the Carat XXL Tank can add a second tank dome. This feature enhances functionality by providing additional access points for filling, emptying, or inspecting, thus adapting to the specific needs of larger or more complex operations.

Extended Durability: With a 20-year design life, the Carat XXL Tank is built to meet and exceed UK guidelines for agricultural storage. This long-term durability makes it a wise investment for farmers and commercial operators looking for a reliable solution to manage silage and slurry.

Choose the Carat XXL Slurry & Silage Tank for your agricultural storage needs. Its high capacity, versatile design options, and long-lasting durability streamline operations and reduce maintenance concerns. This tank will help you manage your agricultural waste no matter the size of your farm. This slurry & silage tank ranges in sizes from 16,000L all the way up to 56,000L, meaning no matter how much waste you need to manage, we have a tank to suit your farm.



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