Carat XL Tank Cesspool 8500L – 13000L

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Enhance your sewage management with the Carat XL Tank Cesspool, featuring easy installation, potential vehicle loading capability, and a dependable 10-year warranty.


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Highly Durable with Vehicle Load Capacity: The Carat XL Tank Cesspool is designed to withstand heavy loads and is suitable for vehicle or lorry traffic when paired with a Telescopic dome shaft equipped with a vehicle loading lid. This feature makes it an excellent choice for installations under driveways or commercial areas where regular vehicular access is necessary, ensuring durability and functionality under pressure.

Exceptional Stability in Groundwater: Engineered with a highly stable construction, the tank remains effective and secure even when groundwater levels rise to the middle of the tank. This stability is crucial for preventing structural damage and maintaining the integrity of the sewage system in varying environmental conditions.

Long-Term Investment Security: With a 10-year warranty, the Carat XL Tank Cesspool offers long-term security for your investment. This extensive warranty underscores the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and durability, providing a decade of peace of mind and reliable service.

Modular Expandability: Tailored to meet growing needs, these tanks can be expanded as required. This modular capability allows for scalability, making it a suitable option for projects with evolving demands in residential or commercial applications.

Simplified Installation: Despite its robust features, this tank boasts a low net weight, simplifying the installation process. This ease of installation reduces labour costs and minimises the time needed to get your sewage treatment system up and running.

Choose the Carat XL Tank Cesspool for a comprehensive, scalable, and reliable sewage treatment solution built to last. It is easy to install and adaptable to your specific needs, all backed by a decade of guaranteed performance.



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