Carat XL Slurry & Silage Tank 8500L – 13000L

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Efficiently manage waste with the Carat XL Slurry & Silage Tank, offering robust construction, vehicle-load capability, and a 20-year guaranteed lifespan.


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Assured Quality and Consistency: The Carat XL Slurry & Silage Tank is produced under strict quality control measures with constant production monitoring, ensuring each unit meets high quality and performance standards. This meticulous approach guarantees consistency across all tanks, providing farm operations with reliable and practical storage solutions.

Heavy Load Capacity: Designed to accommodate substantial weight, the Carat XL Tank is suitable for vehicle and lorry loading, mainly when used with the Telescopic dome shaft equipped with a vehicle loading lid. This feature allows the tank to be placed in high-traffic areas of the farm or industrial sites, supporting up to 40 tonnes without compromising structure or safety.

Exceptional Groundwater Stability: Thanks to its highly stable construction, the Carat XL Tank remains effective even when groundwater levels rise to the middle of the tank. This stability is crucial for installations in areas prone to variable water levels, ensuring the tank’s integrity and the stored materials’ safety.

Expandable Design: The Carat XL Tank offers the flexibility to expand as required, making it a scalable solution that can grow with the needs of your operation. Whether you need more capacity in the future or want to phase your investment, this tank can adapt to meet changing demands without the need for complete replacement.

Long-Term Durability: Built to last, the Carat XL Tank comes with a 20-year design life, meeting stringent UK guidelines and providing a long-term solution for silage and slurry management. This extended lifespan offers peace of mind and ensures that your investment continues to deliver returns over two decades.

Opt for the Carat XL Silage & Slurry Tank for a dependable, scalable, and durable solution in agricultural waste management. It is designed to facilitate easy handling, withstand heavy loads, and provide lasting service under rigorous conditions underpinned with it’s guaranteed 20 year design life.



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