Carat Tank Cesspool 2700L – 6500L

£1,126.12£1,848.59 inc VAT

The Carat Tank Cesspool offers unparalleled stability and quality assurance, complete with a 10-year warranty and expandability for any scale of sewage treatment needs.


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Unmatched Structural Integrity: The Carat Tank Cesspool sets itself apart with incredible stability, achieved through innovative production processes that ensure precise fittings. This advanced manufacturing technique not only enhances the structural integrity but also extends the lifespan of the cesspool, making it a robust choice for any setting.

Consistent Quality Control: Each Cesspool benefits from continuous production monitoring, guaranteeing consistent quality across all units. This strict quality assurance process ensures that every cesspool delivered meets high performance and durability standards, providing peace of mind and reliability.

Vehicle Load Compatibility: Designed to accommodate heavy loads, the Carat Tank Cesspool can be equipped with a Telescopic vehicle loading lid, making it suitable for installation under driveways. This capability is ideal for commercial sites and residential areas where space utilisation is critical.

Groundwater Stability: With its exceptionally stable construction, the Cesspool is groundwater-stable up to the middle of the tank. This feature is crucial for installations in high groundwater areas, ensuring the cesspool remains effective and secure under varying environmental conditions.

Extended Warranty for Long-Term Assurance: The Carat Tank Cesspool has a 10-year warranty, reflecting its durable construction and the manufacturer’s confidence in its long-term performance. This extended warranty provides investment security, covering potential concerns over a significant period.

Flexible Expansion Options: The Carat Tank Cesspool is unique in its ability to be expanded as required. This modular flexibility allows for adaptation to growing demands, making it a future-proof investment for expanding communities or evolving industrial applications.

Opt for the Carat Tank Cesspool if you need a sewage treatment solution that offers superior stability, meticulous quality assurance, and the flexibility to scale with your needs, all backed by a decade of warranty protection.