Carat Septic Tank 2700L – 6500L

A low-maintenance and lightweight solution ideal for challenging site conditions, complete with an efficient baffle system.

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Optimal Design for Challenging Installations: The Carat Septic Tank is uniquely lightweight, allowing installation in difficult local conditions without heavy machinery like cranes. This feature simplifies logistics and installation, reducing overall costs and making it an ideal choice for remote or inaccessible sites.

Minimal Maintenance Required: Designed for ease of upkeep, the Carat Septic Tank requires low maintenance. Maintenance and cleaning tasks are straightforward, facilitated through accessible shafts that eliminate the need for disassembling or entering the tank, ensuring hassle-free servicing and longevity.

Efficient Internal Baffle System: Each Septic Tank includes a carefully designed baffle system within its robust underground tank structure. This system effectively separates solids from liquids, enhancing the breakdown process and improving the efficiency of sewage treatment. Including a baffle ensures optimal operation and consistent performance, which is crucial for maintaining environmental standards.

Durable and Sustainable: The Carat septic tank is constructed with durability in mind. It is built to withstand various environmental conditions while providing reliable sewage treatment. Its robust design ensures long-term functionality with minimal environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for residential or commercial properties.

Ideal for a Variety of Applications: Whether it’s for a new build or upgrading an existing system, this Septic Tank is versatile enough to meet the needs of any property size or type. Its design and features ensure compliance with local sewage treatment guidelines, providing a seamless and effective solution for waste management.

Choose the Carat Septic Tank for a practical, efficient, and user-friendly septic solution that offers easy installation, minimal maintenance, and effective sewage treatment capabilities.




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