Illustration of a GRAF UK Spring Water Shaft installed Underground
Illustration of a GRAF UK Spring Water Shaft

Spring Water Shaft

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The Spring Water Shaft is a versatile solution for utilising pure spring water at home. With innovative features ensuring water purity, food-safe design, and easy cleaning, it offers convenience and safety.

Its telescopic dome shaft allows flexible installation depths, while secure locking and ventilation provide peace of mind.

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Optimised for Spring Water Handling: The Spring Water Shaft is specifically engineered for the ventilating and desanding of spring water, making it an essential infrastructure component for municipalities, water bottling companies, and facilities managing natural spring water sources. This system ensures that the water is free of sand and debris, which enhances the quality and clarity of the spring water.

Certified Food-Safe Construction: Designed with safety and health standards at the forefront, the Spring Water Shaft boasts a food-safe design that has been rigorously tested and certified. This certification ensures that all materials used in the shaft are safe for contact with potable water and do not affect its quality, taste, or safety.

Versatile Functionality: The Spring Water Shaft offers universal use capabilities, serving as a regulation shaft, sampling station, breaker shaft, or for spring water measurement. This versatility makes it valuable to any water management system, providing multiple functionalities in one integrated unit.

Seamless Ground-Level Integration: The spring water shaft’s design sits flush with the ground, making it unobtrusive and seamlessly blending with the surrounding landscape. This feature enhances aesthetic appeal, prevents obstruction, and reduces the risk of damage from external factors.

Ease of Maintenance: The shaft is designed for easy cleaning, featuring smooth interior surfaces that simplify maintenance tasks. This is crucial for maintaining the hygienic conditions necessary for high-quality spring water management and ensures the longevity and reliability of the system.

Choose the Spring Water Shaft if you need a reliable, multi-functional, and sanitary solution for managing and enhancing spring water quality. With its specialised design, certification for food safety, and easy maintenance, it provides an effective and efficient way to ensure the purity and safety of your water supply.



Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 730 × 34 × 1092 mm