Platin XXL Tank Cesspool 20000L – 30000L

Efficiently manage large-scale sewage with the Platin Tank XXL Cesspool, featuring dual dome options and robust HGV load capacity, all within a compact 190 cm height.

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Flexible Connection Setup: The Platin Tank XXL Cesspool stands out with its rotating tank dome, which simplifies the alignment of connecting pipes, ensuring a smooth and adaptable installation process. This feature is invaluable for complex or restricted site conditions where precise connection alignment can significantly reduce installation time and complexity.

Expandable with Second Dome Option: Tailor the Platin Tank XXL to meet specific project requirements with an optional second tank dome. This addition allows for increased flexibility in managing connections and servicing, making it well-suited for large residential complexes or commercial facilities that demand robust sewage treatment capabilities.

Heavy-Duty Load Capacity: Designed to withstand substantial loads, the Platin Tank XXL Cesspool is suitable for HGV loading up to a vehicle weight of 30 tonnes. This feature allows the cesspool to be installed under areas with heavy traffic, such as commercial driveways or parking lots, without risk of damage, offering reliability and peace of mind.

Compact Yet Spacious: Despite its significant capacity, the Platin Tank XXL maintains a compact height of just 190 cm, allowing it to fit into areas with height restrictions without compromising volume. This compact design is particularly advantageous in urban settings or applications where space is a premium, but a large volume is required.

Ideal for Various Applications: The Platin Tank XXL Cesspool is designed to meet the needs of large-scale developments, offering a practical and efficient solution for managing high sewage volumes. Its durability and versatile features ensure it can handle residential and commercial sewage treatment demands.

Choose the Platin Tank XXL Cesspool for a reliable, adaptable, and space-efficient solution in large-scale sewage management that ensures environmental compliance and operational efficiency.



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