Platin XXL Firefighting Tank

This tank comes fully equipped with all the necessary connections for a hassle-free setup. Its lightweight design surpasses traditional tanks, making it simpler to transport and position. Plus, its easy installation requires only a 2m excavation depth.

FREE Delivery between 5-7 working days. *Commercial Systems would be subject to longer lead times


When it comes to safeguarding your facilities against fire hazards, the Platin XXL Firefighting Tank stands out as a leader in innovation and efficiency. This tank isn't just a vessel for storing water; it's a critical component of your fire safety strategy, designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and adaptable to your specific needs. Each Platin XXL tank is delivered with every component needed for immediate operation. Forget the complexity and additional costs of sourcing parts from various suppliers. When you choose the Platin XXL, you choose a streamlined, cost-effective approach to fire safety. The package includes all connections, making the setup process as straightforward as possible. Flexibility in firefighting is paramount, and the Platin XXL excels in this area. The tanks feature a low-level connection capability, allowing you to link multiple units together. This modular system lets you tailor the storage capacity to your precise requirements, whether managing a small industrial complex or a large development. Expand your capacity quickly and efficiently, ensuring you have the resources to manage any fire emergency. Moving and installing traditional firefighting tanks can be cumbersome due to their heavy materials, such as steel or concrete. The Platin XXL breaks away from this mould by using advanced, lightweight materials that significantly ease transport and manoeuvring. This not only cuts down on delivery costs but also simplifies the installation process. A minimal excavation depth of just 2 meters reduces the time and labour involved in setting up your fire defence base. The Platin XXL is designed for rapid deployment. Thanks to its shallow excavation requirement and comprehensive pre-packaged delivery, you can get your fire safety measures operational in no time. This ease of installation is especially beneficial in urgent scenarios where time is of the essence. Choosing the Platin XXL means prioritising efficiency, ease, and adaptability in your firefighting solutions. Its comprehensive, ready-to-install delivery eliminates unnecessary complexities, its modular design adapts to your needs, and its lightweight construction promises easy handling and reduced setup time. Invest in the Platin XXL Firefighting Tank for a reliable, scalable, and efficient approach to fire safety. Equip your site with the capability to respond swiftly and effectively to any fire emergency, safeguarding your property and ensuring peace of mind.