Platin XL Tank Cesspool 10000L – 15000L

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Efficiently manage sewage with the Platin Tank Cesspool, featuring a low-profile design and HGV load suitability of up to 30 tonnes.


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Convenient Design Features: The Platin XL Cesspool Tank is engineered for ease of installation and adaptability. A standout feature is its rotating tank dome, which allows for flexible alignment of connecting lines, simplifying the installation process. This feature is particularly beneficial in constrained or irregular site layouts, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Customisable Options: The Platin Tank Cesspool is available with an optional second tank dome to enhance functionality. This addition allows for greater flexibility in managing connections and servicing, making it ideal for larger or more complex sewage management needs.

High Load Capacity: Designed to withstand heavy loads, the Platin XL Cesspool Tank is suitable for HGV loading up to a vehicle weight of 30 tonnes. Its robust construction makes it suitable for installation in areas subject to heavy traffic, such as commercial sites or public spaces, and it provides reliability and durability under pressure.

Compact and Efficient: With a tank height of just 125 cm, the Platin XL Tank is remarkably low-profile, allowing it to be installed in locations with limited space. This compact design is perfect for under driveways or landscaped areas where minimal visual impact is desired.

Ideal for Various Applications: For residential, commercial, or industrial use, the Platin XL Cesspool Tank  offers a practical solution for effective sewage management. Its sturdy construction and versatile design ensure long-term performance and ease of maintenance.

Choose the Platin Tank Cesspool for a reliable, adaptable, and durable cesspool solution that meets the demands of modern sewage management with minimal environmental and visual impact.



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