Illustration of a GRAF UK Potable Water Tank Lid
Illustration of a GRAF UK Platin Potable Water Tank highlighting the Pedestrian Lid.

Platin Potable Underground Tank with Pedestrian loading PE Lid

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The Platin Potable Water Tank is a reliable and secure solution for storing drinking water.


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Ideal for Potable Water Storage: The Platin Potable Water Tank is meticulously designed to safely store drinking water, ensuring a clean and reliable water supply for residential or commercial use. Its primary function is to maintain the quality and safety of potable water, making it an essential infrastructure component for any setting.

Available in Various Capacities: Catering to different needs, the Platin tanks come in 1500L, 3000L, and 5000L sizes. This range allows users to choose a tank that best fits their volume requirements, whether for a small family home or a larger commercial facility, ensuring efficient use of space and resources.

Pre-Assembled for Quick Installation: Platin tanks are delivered fully assembled to maximise convenience. This readiness significantly reduces the installation time and effort, allowing for a straightforward setup process that can typically be completed quickly without needing professional assistance.

Constructed from High-Quality Materials: Made from robust, long-life polyethylene, Platin tanks are built to last. This material is durable and resistant to corrosion and various environmental factors, ensuring longevity and reliability even when installed underground.

Certified for Health and Safety: With a food-safe design, each Platin tank has a test certificate that complies with the KTW recommendation. This certification confirms that the materials used are safe for contact with drinking water, preserving its quality and suitability for consumption.

Lightweight and Manoeuvrable: Despite their sturdy construction, these tanks are remarkably lightweight, simplifying transportation and installation. This feature is particularly advantageous in areas with limited access.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: The smooth interior surfaces of the Platin tanks make them easy to clean and maintain. This design helps prevent the buildup of sediments and bacteria, which is crucial for maintaining the tank’s hygiene and ensuring the water stored remains safe for consumption.

Choose the Platin Potable Water Tank if you need a reliable, safe, easy-to-manage solution for storing drinking water. Its combination of durability, safety certification, and practical design makes it ideal for ensuring a continuous supply of clean water in various settings.



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