Herkules Tank 1600 Litres

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Versatile and efficient underground water storage tank.

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Multipurpose Storage Capability: The Herkules Underground Water Tank is a highly versatile underground storage solution designed to safely store a wide range of substances, including non-potable water, wastewater, raw sewage, effluent, silage, slurry, rainwater, grey water, and blue water. This broad compatibility makes it an excellent choice for various applications, from agricultural storage to municipal water management systems.

Preassembled for Immediate Use: Herkules Tanks are supplied fully assembled to streamline installation and ensure reliability. This feature significantly reduces setup time and eliminates assembly errors, allowing immediate use upon delivery. It also minimises the labour typically required for on-site tank assembly.

Expandable Storage Capacity: One of the key benefits of the Herkules Underground Water Tank is its modular design, which allows multiple tanks to be connected seamlessly. This flexibility enables users to quickly increase storage capacity as needs grow, making it a scalable solution ideal for developing or expanding facilities.

Groundwater Stability: Engineered to be stable in groundwater up to the top edge of the tank, the Herkules Tank provides exceptional reliability and safety in areas with high groundwater levels. This feature ensures the tank’s integrity and prevents water ingress, preserving the stored contents and extending the tank’s lifespan.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport: Despite its robust construction, the Herkules Tank is surprisingly lightweight, simplifying logistics and reducing transportation costs. The tank’s low weight makes it easier to handle during installation, especially in remote or difficult-to-access locations.

Choose the Herkules Tank for your underground storage needs if you require a dependable, flexible, and easy-to-install solution. Whether managing agricultural waste or augmenting a municipal water system, the Herkules Tank offers the durability, versatility, and capacity to meet various storage demands.

What’s included

Supplied by Graf

  • Underground water tank – 1600 Litres
  • DN200 Access Dome
  • DN150 support pipe with end caps – required for underground installation only

Supplied by Others

  • Inlet/outlet drainage pipework

System Benefits

  • Simple & quick to install
  • High quality, robust, polypropylene tank & related accessories for use with a wide range of media
  • Adjustable lid height for flush alignment to ground level
  • Multiple applications, can be used above ground

Product Dimensions, Levels & Weights

Herkules Underground Water Tank Dimensions & Weights (1600L)

Herkules Tank Guide | Download


Herkules Tank Guide | Download

Installation & Commissioning

Herkules Tank Guide | Download

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