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Diamant Potable Underground Tank with Pedestrian loading PE Lid

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The Diamant Potable Water Tank, a reliable and versatile solution for storing drinking water.


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Designed for Potable Water Storage: The Diamant potable water tank is specifically crafted to store drinking water safely and efficiently. Its dedicated design ensures that water remains clean and safe for consumption, meeting the needs of residential, commercial, or community applications.

Variety of Sizes for Different Needs: Available in capacities of 2200L, 3350L, 4800L, and 6500L, the Diamant tank series offers a range of sizes to suit various requirements. Whether for a small household, a large family, or a commercial establishment, there is a Diamant tank to fit your specific water storage needs.

Preassembled for Convenience: Diamant tanks are delivered fully assembled, simplifying the installation process. This ready-to-use delivery eliminates complex on-site assembly, reducing installation time and costs. It also ensures that the tanks can be quickly and correctly integrated into any water system with minimal effort.

Robust and Durable Material: These tanks are constructed from high-quality polyethene and designed for long-term durability. The material is solid and resistant to corrosion and environmental wear, making it an ideal choice for underground water storage.

Certified Safe for Drinking Water: Each Diamant potable water tank adheres to stringent health and safety standards, with a food-safe design certified by the KTW recommendation. This certification guarantees that the materials used in the tank are safe for storing potable water, maintaining its purity and taste.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Despite their durable construction, Diamant tanks are surprisingly lightweight, facilitating easy transportation and installation. This feature is particularly beneficial in difficult-to-access locations or where heavy equipment for installation is not feasible.

Smooth Interior for Easy Cleaning: The smooth interior surfaces of the Diamant tanks make cleaning straightforward, ensuring the water storage environment is hygienic and free from contaminants. This ease of maintenance is essential for long-term water quality and safety.

Choose the Diamant Potable Water Tank for a reliable, safe, and easy-to-maintain solution for storing drinking water. With its robust construction, health-safe certification, and variety of sizes, it is ideally suited to meet and exceed the demands of any potable water storage requirement.



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