Advanced Wastewater Treatment System Accessories

Plastic external control cabinet M

For up to 18 inhabitants – Order no. 107773








Plastic external control cabinet L

for up to 22-40 inhabitants









  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Function checking is simple as the control unit is located immediately next to the system
  • Ideal solution for large distances from the house (> 20 m)
  • Flexible use of the proven GRAF EPP control cabinet in a plastic external column
  • Lockable housing in sturdy, weather-resistant plastic
  • Integrated double power socket for easy maintenance

Convenience package

Convenience package: control with larger display and keypad. Underload detection by a pressure sensor in the control. *** Standard ***

  • SD card slot for easy logbook transfer
  • Automatic underload detection
  • Suitable for phosphate precipitation and UV module
  • Large display and 14 keys for comfortable operation
  • Automatic logging
  • Battery-free power failure detection
  • High-contrast display with blue backlighting
  • Durable, gas-tight membrane keypad

Outlet with clear water pump

Lift the clear water when the outlet pipe is lower than the water course. ***On Request***

Removal of nitrogen

The +D package for denitrification (removal of nitrogen) results in the clarified water quality satisfying very strict requirements. The GRAF systems thereby attain a Ntotal value (total parameters of inorganic nitrogen compounds) of less than 25 mg/l. ***Order No.107520***

Phosphate removal package

Phosphate in water results in a massive build-up of algae. The GRAF +P package ensures the safe removal of phosphate and therefore great water quality. ***On request***

Carbon infeed

Solution for weekend homes. The addition of carbon as nutrient allows the purification process to continue and prevents the biology from dying off. ***On Request***

Remote transmission

Remote monitoring allows error messages to be transmitted to mobile phones and operating data to be queried by text message. Convenient remote wastewater treatment system control by GSM is also possible. ***Order no.107117***

  • Greater efficiency
  • Greater operating reliability
  • Optimised service intervals
  • Greater customer benefit thanks to monitoring service
  • Low-cost remote diagnosis in the event of a fault without the service fitter having to come on site

Hygiene package

Disinfection using the +H package satisfies even the most stringent of purity requirements for a GRAF wastewater treatment system. Without the use of chemical substances, it reliably kills off germs and microorganisms. The clarified water
therefore complies with the EU Bathing Water Directive. ***On request***

  • Easy to operate
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to easy-to-remove module
  • Fitted in downstream shaft