One2clean Accessories

GRAF EPP control cabinet – Easy, flexible application

  • Easy access for maintenance filter
  • Function checking is simple as the control unit is located immediately next to the system
  • Ideal solution for large distances from the house (>20m)
  • Flexible use of the proven GRAF EPP control cabinet in a plastic external column (size upto 10 inhabitants)
  • Lockable housing in sturdy, weather-resistant plastic
  • Integrated double power socket for easy maintenance

Carbonator (Carbon dosage)

Sewage treatment plants require a constant inflow of wastewater into the tank in order for them to work correctly.

The seasonal occupation of holiday homes is a challenge for wastewater treatment systems that rely on constant inflow to keep the microorganism poulation stable. Any destabilisation of
the microorganisms within the system incurs extra operating costs.

The Carbonator was especially designed to keep wastewater treatment systems with seasonal inflow stable and working correctly. The additional Carbonator module automatically feeds the systems with nutrients that keep the microorganisms alive when there is no wastewater inflow.


  • Regardless of system – suitable for other treatment plants (one2clean compatible)
  • Individual adjustment of dosage
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast installation
  • Simple operation