What’s the benefits of installing a combined rainwater harvesting and stormwater tank?

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on November 30, 2020.

A combined rainwater harvesting and storm attenuation tank allows you to store rainwater for reuse while also offering better flood protection measures in the event of a storm. Below we explain the benefits of installing a combined rainwater harvesting and storm attenuation tank and why it plays an important role in meeting SuDS regulations.

What are SuDS?

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are designed to manage and process the infiltration of rainfall into ground level surfaces. They enable excess surface water to be successfully drained to reduce the impact on the natural environment to acceptable levels. Flooding is prevented by slowing the rate of water entering the drainage network at any one time. 

All SuDS must adhere to current legislation such as the Flood and Water Management Act and installing a combined rainwater and stormwater attenuation tank is one of the best ways to ensure that. 

What are the benefits of installing a combined rainwater harvesting and stormwater attenuation tank?

Increased flood protection

Stormwater tanks work to retain and gradually release water in the event of heavy rainfall. This lowers the risk of groundwater flooding occurring and helps maintain the integrity of your garden, also protecting the local environment. The tank ensures there is a slower run-off of water which means it can be managed and distributed at a more controllable rate, keeping surrounding properties and the environment safe. 

Access to reusable water 

Rainwater harvesting is becoming an increasingly popular option for households across the UK. Storing rainwater is a great way to reduce water bills (for metered properties), as the water can be used for a range of tasks including washing the car, cleaning and washing the toilet and also for watering the garden. In fact, rainwater is the best type of water for watering your plants and flowers as it contains less acid than tap water and more of the essential ingredients they need to flourish. 

Time and space saving

Installing a combined rainwater harvesting and stormwater tank will require only one system rather than two for use in the garden. This is particularly helpful for households with compact gardens who want to the enjoy the benefits of a combined system without having to worry about the landscaping being affected with two separate tanks. When it comes to monitoring a combined system it also means keeping an eye on one, rather than two installations, which can prove to be time consuming. 

Cost efficient 

Saving money is always a big plus when it comes to investing in a new product and a combined rainwater harvesting and stormwater attenuation tank allows you to do that. With both of these systems brought together into one you are able to save on the cost of having to purchase two separate products. Installing this sort of system can also add value to your property if you are thinking of selling, making it a unique and attractive feature for potential buyers. Of course, the systems can also be removed and transported to a new home if required, giving you more versatility and control.

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