What’s new this month actually dates back to the Neolithic Age

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on September 10, 2020.

It’s a shame that this subject fits most appropriately in our ‘what’s new’ article this month. However, the fact that it is deserving of an article outweighs the disappointment of it being ‘new’ rather than a regular feature in Water Matters. The subject is… rainwater harvesting.

The reason it’s appropriate for our ‘what’s new’ article, is because of the surge in business we’ve experienced for our rainwater harvesting systems over the past couple of months.

The construction and use of cisterns to store rainwater can be traced back to the Neolithic Age – about 12,000 years ago – when waterproof lime plaster cisterns were built in the floors of houses. Within just a few minutes online, researching the history of rainwater harvesting, you’ll be amazed just how common it is (or was) and the huge number of countries and buildings it has been used in.

You have to wonder, with a little disbelief given its history, why it’s not something that absolutely everyone in 2020 knows about and considers normal. It’s such a sensible, simple thing to do, yet it’s not commonplace at all. The good news is though, more people are asking us about it. Yes, for whatever reason – and I’m sure there are many – lots more people have been making enquiries with us about adding rainwater harvesting systems to their homes. We’ve also recently sold several systems to small developers, building multi-plot developments. Not since 2011 when the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ was around, have we received so many enquiries for small housing developments.

It’s a great sign for the future, because the more properties that have rainwater harvesting systems the less our predicted water shortage issues will impact us. It really is an area where you can take personal responsibility, to help lessen the effects of water shortages which are reported to happen in less than 20-25 years.

It’s also a great business opportunity for all merchants, distributors and installers. If you’re selling anything to self-builders (as these are the majority of purchasers right now), then you’re missing out if you’re not offering them rainwater harvesting systems. They will have thought about it and a timely question from you could generate new enquiries and could definitely lead to sales.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this growing market and helping us expand our reach so we can have more impact on the number of rainwater harvesting systems being used in the UK, please reach out to Steve Righton in our HQ and we’d be keen to talk. (01608 661500 or srighton@grafuk.co.uk)

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