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Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on July 29, 2019.

GRAF Minimax-Pro filter for Platin tank

GRAF, the market leader in rainwater harvesting, is now offering the Platin underground tank with the new self-cleaning Minimax-Pro filter. The successful flat tank is now available with a space-saving filter solution that allows water yields of over 95% for use in the garden and home.

Maximum water yield requires optimum filter function. The Minimax-Pro filters the water with the help of a self-cleaning stainless steel filter insert with a mesh width of 0.35 mm. The housing is fitted with a transparent cover for easy inspection of the filter, allowing the householder to check that the filter is working properly without having to remove the filter insert.

The optional XL lift out devise can be used to conveniently remove the insert for cleaning, no matter how deep the tank is installed.

GRAF also offers a filter cleaning unit. The filter mesh should be cleaned regularly with a powerful water jet, and this can be controlled automatically by connecting to the Aqua-Center Silentio or performed manually. Cleaning also makes the filter work more reliably.

With the Minimax-Pro, GRAF has adapted the professional filter technology of the Optimax-Pro to suit the requirements of compact installation in a flat tank. Despite the slight height offset between the inlet and outlet (DN 100) of just 80 mm, the patented filter can handle the water volume of 350 m2 of roof area.

The Platin rainwater tank has a much shallower installation depth than conventional underground tanks and the amount of excavation is much less than with conventional cylindrical cisterns, saving both time and money – especially with retrofitting.

GRAF offers an extensive range of complete packages including everything you need for professional rainwater harvesting. The harvested water can be used for WCs, washing machines and watering the garden, reducing consumption of drinking water by up to 50%. For more information, please visit

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