To succeed: Sunny all the time

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 26, 2019.

GARANTIA PR Sunny Planting Aids

Garantia planting aids offer accelerated growth and protection of plants

Gardening can take place anywhere: on the balcony, in your own garden or in public spaces. For many people, time spent in the garden is a welcome break from the hectic pace of everyday life. If you have succeeded at growing useful and ornamental plants from seeds or seedlings, then you will already be familiar with the sense of well-being and achievement this brings. The new Garantia Sunny planting tunnel and the Garantia Sunny planting bell support plant growth thanks to the moist undercover micro climate. Beginners and experienced gardeners enjoy the quick success and ease of use

Especially during the growth phase, seedlings and young plants need to be protected from cold, storms and pests. However, sufficient air, light, heat and moisture are also necessary for the best possible yield. The new Garantia planting aids offer all this and more. They are the practical and significantly more durable alternative to the conventional poly tunnel.

Sunny planting aids are simply placed over seeds or seedlings and securely fixed in the soil using Sunny ground anchors. After use, the plastic parts can be dismantled and stacked in a space saving manner.

The products also have an intelligent irrigation system. The water collects in shaped troughs and gently flows into the underlying plant. In the case of heavy rain, excess water runs off the planting aids.

If it does not rain, the planting aids can simply be irrigated directly with the watering can or garden hose and do not even have to be opened.

An variably adjustable ventilation system allows the temperature and ventilation to be adjusted on sunny and warm days.

Made of thick-walled and impact-resistant plastic, the Sunny planting tunnel and the Sunny planting bell are particularly temperature and weather-resistant. As a mark of its high quality, the manufacturer offers a five year warranty.

Garantia Sunny planting tunnel

The Sunny planting tunnel consists of transparent plastic parts (105 cm long, 40 cm wide and 30 cm high). These can be laid in series and are sealed with end caps on the front and back. At the end caps, finger grooves facilitate insertion. The plant tunnel is considerably easier to install and dismantle than the famous poly tunnel.

Garantia Sunny planting gloche

The new Sunny planting gloche with a diameter of 35 cm and a height of 30 cm is particularly suitable for growing individual plants. It is placed over the plant and also fixed with ground anchors.

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