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Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on July 29, 2019.

GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Stormwater management

Due to the continuing development of Urban, Suburban & Brownfield sites coupled with increasingly changeable and often severe weather, this has led to increased incidences of flooding with damage to property & the environment. Graf Stormwater Management Systems reduce flood risk and control water before it enters the environment by infiltration or attenuation systems. The new Graf EcoBloc Inspect flex offers infiltration & attenuation systems that are impressively easy to install and with great logistical benefits.

The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex is ideally suited to rainwater percolation and rain retention. Thanks to square 80 x 80 cm dimensions, the modules offer great design flexibility and can be individually adapted to local circumstances. Space and money are saved during installation as the EcoBloc Inspect flex can be installed up to 14 layers at a maximum installation depth of 5 m. In areas with high groundwater levels, the GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex comes into its own with a minimum installation depth of just 60 cm.

Installers appreciate how easy the system is to transport and assemble. Fitted on a base plate, the modules are quickly joined to form a highly stable block formation. The face ends of the EcoBloc Inspect flex are sealed with end plates, enabling the system to be connected to the common DN 100, 150 and 200 pipe dimensions via the connection points defined on all sides. Thanks to its unique design, the GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex system has a vehicle bearing capacity up to 60 tonnes.

As the European market leader in products for rainwater harvesting, GRAF doesn’t just consider sustainability in how its products are used. The EcoBloc Inspect flex is manufactured in a highly energy efficient manner with well thought out improvements in the Logistics. Two modules can be stacked nested in one another. This halves transport costs and the associated CO2 emissions. The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex therefore promotes sustainability throughout the value added chain.

A long service life is factored into the product design. Built to offer double safety, the GRAF EcoBloc Inspect has an impressive life of 50 years. The integrated inspection channel also helps to ensure a high rate of percolation in the long term. The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex can be inspected with common DN 200 inspection cameras. If necessary, the modules can also be rinsed at high pressure.

GRAF also assists installers and designers to achieve the most cost-effective design and implementation possible by providing free sizing according to DWA A-138 and scheduled delivery to the installation site.

More information about the GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex system can be found on the GRAF TV.

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