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Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 27, 2019.

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The Graf one2clean wastewater treatment system: simple and efficient

Otto Graf has further developed its proven SBR wastewater treatment technology. The main advantage of the new one2clean wastewater treatment system is its simple, efficient and low-maintenance technology that significantly reduces operating and maintenance costs. With its immediate wastewater activation using oxygen, the one2clean wastewater treatment system greatly decreases the sludge volume in comparison with conventional systems. This considerably reduces the cost of sludge removal. With just one chamber and one pumping process, the one2clean wastewater treatment system saves power and therefore cuts operating costs even further.

Wastewater treatment systems using SBR technology are generally installed in septic tanks with a dividing wall, and require up to three pumping processes for wastewater treatment. With the new one2clean wastewater treatment system, wastewater specialist Graf has introduced a smart development in SBR technology. This system consists of just one tank without a dividing wall, meaning that twice the volume is available for wastewater storage.

The wastewater is thus activated with oxygen directly, without requiring an additional pumping process. This ensures that the wastewater treatment system is completely odourless.

The treated water presents a degree of purification of up to 99%. The amount of substances such as nitrate in the treated wastewater is significantly lower than even the strictest legal requirements.

The core part of the system is the one2clean system control. The microprocessor control simplifies the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment system. System errors are detected automatically. The diaphragm compressor ensures that the operation of the system is extremely quiet. The one2clean setting up kit is simple to install and features robust, low-maintenance technology. Unlike conventional systems, the one2clean wastewater treatment system completely dispenses with the installation of electrical or moving parts, such as pumps in the tank.

Since Graf’s innovative wastewater treatment system only requires one pumping process, the strain on the compressor is reduced. The robust clear water lifter is made from a single piece of material, and requires no connections or screws. All of this improves operational safety and reduces maintenance costs.

The design of the Carat septic tank ensures high stability and thus enables installation in groundwater up to the middle of the tank. In combination with the vehicle telescopic dome shaft, the tank is suitable for vehicle loading with a maximum weight of 3.5 t. In addition, the tank and dividing wall are watertight and permanently corrosion-resistant. As a sign of the product’s quality, Graf offers a 15-year warranty for the septic tank and a 3-year warranty for the wastewater treatment technology.

The Graf tank consists of two shells that can be stacked together on a pallet for transport. This not only cuts transport costs by up to 80 per cent, but also reduces harmful emissions.

The one2clean wastewater treatment system is available as a single or double tank system with holding capacity from 2,700 l to 13,000 l. This corresponds to a daily inflow from 450 l to 2,700 l.  Larger systems can also be produced upon request.

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