Rainwater tanks with a touch of history

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on July 29, 2019.

“Antique Amphora” rainwater tanks

Products from the Antique Amphora range don’t just look like Greek amphoras – they also serve the same purpose of their historical cousins. They store precious liquids – between 250 and 600 litres depending on the version – in a space-saving manner.

Antique Amphora tanks are part of the new Exclusive Line from Graf. Products in this range are characterised by their high-quality materials and surfaces, UV stability and robustness.

They’re an eye-catching feature in any garden! Whether they’re in a modern environment or surrounded by Mediterranean flora and fauna, the Antique Amphora tanks are sure to enhance the beauty of your garden!

The integrated plant tray is extremely practical. As the tank is suited to indoor use, you can give it a touch of individuality.

The tap is at the ideal height to fill a watering can. You can also extract water from the bottom section with ease on both sides using an extraction hose.

In terms of colour, you can choose between classic terracotta, warm sandy beige and dark granite. The range also includes space-saving versions as a 260 l wall-mounted tank or a decorative 80 cm plant amphora.

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