Firefighting Tanks

The Carat and Platin XXL firefighting water tanks are available in sizes from 16,000 to 52,000 litres and are suitable for lorry bearing loading.

  • Delivery includes all firefighting water accessory parts according to DIN 14230
  • Complete system fully factory-assembled if required – no on-site assembly
  • Dome shaft allows easy access/rescue from tank
  • Individual tanks can be enlarged/connected to create large volumes
  • Fill with mains water or rainwater
  • Individual adjustment to ground level (earth covering / angle of slope)
  • Low procurement costs
  • Incl. Telescopic dome shaft concrete cast iron according to DIN 3223

Advantages of GRAF firefighting water tanks:

  • Flexibility and stability perfectly combined
  • No need for heavy load transport on trucks up to the size of 52,000 litres
  • Secure investment thanks to the market-leading 15-year warranty!
  • Lorry bearing up to 40 t
  • Groundwater-stable
  • Dome opening with stainless steel profile for precision fit and secure mounting
  • Lighter than equal tank made of concrete or steel
  • Numerous DN 100/150/200 pipe connections available
  • Optional DN 300 pipe connection
  • Optional second tank dome (already included with certain tanks sizes)

Scope of supply:

Welded-in plastic intake pipe DN 125 (5″) with flange, stainless steel strainer and anti-vortex plate, including stainless steel intake pipe extension piece DN 125 (5″) with flange, firefighting water intake connection with rod fitting and a fixed coupling in accordance with DIN 14244, stainless steel ventilation chimney DN 100 (4″) with hood and insect-proof screen for vertical installation, access ladder incl. mounting kit for mounting in tank dome, holder for sign “Firefighting Water Extraction Point” with stainless steel post to DIN 4066 (B2), telescopic dome shaft lorry to DIN 3223

For full details including tank dimensions and weights, please click here.