Carat Direct-supply package – 2700 litre Carat Tank with pedestrian lid

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Direct supply Rainwater Harvesting system package, comprising of
CARAT underground tank 2700 litres, without dome
CARAT tank dome Maxi black, with sealing set DN 100
CARAT telescopic dome shaft Mini green, with PE-lid, for pedestrian loading
CARAT Filter package 3 House, Optimax-Pro filter internal/inflow stilling system/overflow siphon/Spannfix – DN 100
Pump package Home Direct Carat

The Direct-supply system is designed to support WC’s, washing machines, irrigation and outside cleaning purposes. Rainwater is collected from the roof of the property and is fed into the underground tank via the downpipes. On entry to the tank, the water passes through a filter, to prevent any debris going into the tank. With this system, there is a mains water top-up unit located within the property. This unit supplies mains water to the underground tank when the rainwater level is low. The operation on this unit is controlled via a float switch. There is a pressure sensitive pump located in the underground tank. When a valve or tap is opened, water will be pumped under pressure until the valve is closed, allowing for the system to repressurise turning power off to the pump.

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