Air-King compost bin 600 litres

£100.79 inc VAT

The new Air-King composter is one of Garantia UK’s newest and most innovative products. With additional oxygen supply, the Air-King creates the optimal temperature for the compost, speeding up the decomposition process. The compost bin is made from 100% recycled plastic and requires no tools to assemble, instead, uses a practical clip-together system so that you can start composting right away.

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SKU: 628020


  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (PP)
  • Quick assembly thanks to practical clip-together system
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Able oxygen supply for optimal decomposition process
  • Sturdy and winter-proof
Tips for putting together your Air-King composter:
  • Place the composter on a level surface
  • Soil contact is important (microorganisms)
  • Loosen the soil beforehand
  • Do not place on asphalt or concrete floor
  • Half shady place
  • Place protected from wind (e.g. under trees or hedges)