Joining the 5am club.

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on January 14, 2019.

I read a fantastic book over Christmas. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, and definitely makes it into my top 5 of all time.

THE 5AM CLUB by Robin Sharma, carries the strap-line; Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life, and it’s all about the 5am Club concept that Robin Sharma actually introduced more than twenty years ago. As the back of the book describes, it is based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped Robin’s clients maximise their productivity, activate their best health and bulletproof their serenity in this age of overwhelming complexity.

I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much and read it so quickly (it usually takes me a lot longer than the week and a half we had off over Christmas to actually read a book – that’s why I like Audible so much!), is because it’s very cleverly written as a story. I never read stories. Only ever non-fiction, usually personal development based, or business focussed books and autobiographies. I can’t remember the last time I read a story. So, to get drawn in to the lives of these fictional characters and share their journey of self-improvement and personal discovery, felt more like watching it as a movie more so than reading a step-by-step, how-to guide like such books are usually written.

The three characters became more and more familiar the more I read it. So much so, I found myself wishing that the Spellbinder, the Billionaire, the entrepreneur and the artist were all real people. I’m sure they were based on real people. Surely, people that Robin Sharma has met time and time again at his annual seminars and events that he delivers around the world. I’ve not read or studied much of his stuff, having only seen a few of his videos on YouTube, but like so many people who do what he does, he has a lovely story-telling, calm, way about him.

As with most of these types of books now – I mean any book on personal development – they’re no longer just books anymore and it’s backed up or followed up by an accompanying App, which lets you carry on the journey further and helps you to start to implement the teachings from the book. The App contains videos, checklists and a leadership board, so you can measure your success and support and compete with others over the 66-day challenge of becoming a member of the 5am club. Meaning of course (and this bit’s quite clear from the title alone so it’s not like I’m spoiling the ending for you!) that you rise at 5am every morning for 66 days until it becomes automatic.

All I’m saying for now is that it’s a great book, and it does in fact feel good to rise at 5am and use the first hour of the day however you choose to use it. Whether or not it becomes something one does regularly, or never at all, it’s still well-worth a read for all the lessons, ideas, inspiration and insights it brings. I’m already looking forward to when I read it for a second time later this year, and I’d love to talk through it with other people who have read it, so it’s kept my book club idea at the front of my mind – I really should get that started!

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