It’s all about Harrogate (for some reason?!)

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on November 5, 2018.

On Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd November, we had a team of 3 installers working on a site called Dacre Banks in Harrogate. They installed a 134m3 stormwater attenuation tank using our EcoBloc inspect flex system.

From Friday 1st to Sunday 4th November, our colleagues Cheryl, Flavia & Michael were all on our stand at the Homebuilding & Renovating show in Harrogate. Talking to self-builders about the benefits of our wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting systems. It was a busy start to the show, with little time to take a breath between conversations all day Friday & Saturday, but either late Halloween parties or early fireworks displays on Saturday night must have kept people away on Sunday as the attendance slowed down on day three. Overall a very worthwhile weekend talking water management with lots of ambitious self-builders.

Considering we probably haven’t worked in Harrogate all year, it’s strangely coincidental that we’ve a team of installers back there again today, Monday 5th November. This time they’re in Darley, Harrogate, installing a 78m3 stormwater attenuation tank using our EcoBloc maxx system. It’s great to do so much work in the same place, the only really annoying thing is we’ve not managed to combine any of the journeys our various team members have had to do to get up to Harrogate over the past 5 days. It’s super-frustrating to have to send multiple vehicles to the same place, especially when they’re all about 15 minutes apart, around 3½ hours away from our office! We’re clearly in the business of saving water, not fuel.

From Harrogate to Cork

The end of this week sees our exhibition equipment out again, for the final time in 2018, at the Self Build Live show in Millstreet, Cork on Saturday & Sunday 10/11th November. Our team of Cathal, Ruairi & Debra will be chatting away to self-builders in the south of Ireland, once again sharing the unique benefits of our wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting systems. Let’s hope it’s not the last time that we’re putting a team together from the UK & Ireland for an exhibition across the water. Best not open up that topic however, on our apolitical blog site! We’ll just make the most of the coming weekend!

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