Grooved look: attractive and functional

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 26, 2019.

New Garantia rainwater tank Linus 2in1

The new Garantia Linus 2in1 rainwater tank adds to the extensive range of containers available from Graf. The attractive plastic tank with its striking grooved design will join the Garantia Classic Line. Graf, the rainwater specialists based in Teningen, Germany, now offer more than 80 different shapes, colours and sizes of tanks.

With the Linus 2in1, Graf is once again underlining its leading position in the design of rainwater harvesting reservoirs. The understated zinc grey colour harmonises optimally with the grooved structure and tapered shape of the tank, which is just 1.20 m high and measures 58 cm in diameter.

Like all 2in1 models from Graf, the design-inspired tank fulfils two functions. As well as storing 220 L of rainwater, it also features an integrated plant bowl to allow an individual look to be created. This can be easily and conveniently removed for planting and then re-fitted on the tank.

Made in Germany from high-quality plastic, the container is UV-stable and weather-resistant. As a mark of its high quality, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty. The closed design of the tanks makes them much more childproof than traditional containers without a cover.

The Linus 2in1 comes with two integrated thread connections. These make it easy to screw in a design-inspired tap or universal hose set of water extraction. It also makes it easy to drain the tank before frost sets in.

In addition to straightforward water extraction, it’s also easy to connect the rainwater tank to the downpipe from the roof. The Speedy rain collector keeps out coarse pieces of dirt and automatically prevents the tank from overflowing when full. During periods of frost, the inlet to the tank can be shut off.

According to the manufacturer, the downpipe filter can be installed in just five minutes. For connection purposes, holes of exactly the right size can be drilled in the downpipe and rainwater tank using the core drill that is part of the scope of supply. Then the filter is simply inserted into the downpipe and, with the aid of a connector seal, into the rainwater tank – and the job is done.

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