All good things come from above

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 26, 2019.

GRAF PR Using Harvested Rainwater in the House and Garden

For many homeowners, rain, on first consideration, seems like quite an annoyance, on the other hand, water from the sky does not have to disappear unused into the sewer system. “Clever householders prefer to use rainwater as a way to save money”, says Andreas Steigert from the rainwater specialist Otto Graf.

Rainwater can be collected in a cistern, saving up to 50 per cent of your drinking water. Because rainwater can replace expensive drinking water even in the washing machine, or for flushing the toilet. A prerequisite for this is a high-quality rainwater tank. A product advisor on can help you determine the right tank size as well as with calculating your savings. The manufacturer’s complete packages include all components for optimal water quality, such as a rainwater filter and a system control, which pumps the required water to the WC, washing machine etc. That means you can use toilet and do laundry without compromising on the usual comfort.

By using rainwater in the house, you don’t just save on expensive drinking water. A rainwater tank also has a positive effect on stormwater fees. In many municipalities, the connected roof surfaces are freed in full or in part from fees. But rainwater has another advantage: While drinking water contains limescale almost everywhere in Germany, rainwater is naturally soft and limescale free. This means that laundry will be fresh and clean while using significantly less detergent. Additional descalers can save you money. There are also fewer deposits in the toilet. Rainwater usage therefore involves much more than just garden irrigation. It relieves the household budget and ensures a sustainable use of precious water.

Using rainwater in the house is easier than many homeowners suspect: For the washing machine, for example, a simple plumbing line from the underground tank to the washroom is usually located in the cellar. Even the supply of the toilets can be carried out with a renovation that usually requires little effort. A system controller supplies the second pipeline system with rainwater. It also monitors the fill level of the cistern. If the tank becomes empty, drinking water is used automatically.

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