Flexible paths through the garden

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 26, 2019.

Plastic garden boards are an easy solution when you need to create garden paths

Growing organically guarantees that your food is always fresh and delicious, and that you know exactly where it comes from: It’s easy to cultivate fruit, vegetables and herbs in your own garden. Ambitious amateur gardeners are keen to experiment and try something new every year. “You need to sometimes redesign and redistribute the beds and paths”, says Andreas Steigert from the garden specialist Garantia. Reconstructing paths which have been laid using stone is a considerable effort. It is much faster and easier with light-weight plastic garden boards.

Firm grip

Non-slip Maxi garden boards from Garantia can be laid quickly with an all-round click system.

The garden boards are quite large in size, measuring 70 x 24 cm. It’s also easy to move wheelbarrows on the wide and stable surface. Paths and surfaces can be installed in an in-stant, extended on all sides and dismantled easily after the garden season. “It is important to have a surface that is safe to walk on, so that you have a good grip when doing garden work”, says the expert. The rough surface of the Maxi-garden boards ensures that they will not get slippy, whatever the weather. Water outlets in the boards ensure that the soil is not sealed by the boards being laid, but that rainwater can still seep into the ground.

The recyclable plastics used for production are environmen-tally friendly and yet hard-wearing. The material is weather-resistant and UV-stable, and can withstand sun, rain and frost. See www.garantia.co.uk for more information.

Easy to store and clean

Boards that have been laid can easily be dismantled with the practical click system. They are stackable and easy to store when they are not needed, for example in winter. When you need to clean and remove any remnants of earth, you can easily clean it with a garden hose or a high-pressure cleaner.

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