A flexible addition to the EcoBloc system

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 27, 2019.

Graf PR Flexible addition EcoBloc system EN

The new Graf Vario 800 shaft system

Flexible application and precise integration. A custom-made shaft solution has been added to the Graf EcoBloc Inspect infiltration system in the form of the new Graf Vario 800 shaft system. The shaft, featuring a modular construction, can be adjusted in height and fitted precisely into the EcoBloc ditch. Consequently, no additional excavation is required, and the shaft volume can be included in the holding capacity of the ditch, thus saving time and money.

The new Graf shaft system features a unique modular structure. The shaft module with a square base of 800 x 800 mm is available in all sizes required for the ditch grid. It is compatible with the EcoBloc Inspect 420, EcoBloc Inspect 230 and EcoBloc Inspect flex crates. Upon request, the shaft system can be individually assembled by Graf and supplied to the site ready for installation. It can be used as an inspection shaft, a filter shaft or a choke drain shaft, among other applications. Graf offers a wide range of accessories for these various functions.

As in a construction kit, the Vario 800 shaft system can be positioned as required within the EcoBloc Inspect System. This is made possible by the system’s extremely high structural load capacity. The corner position enables the connection of large pipe diameters of up to DN 400 on the two side panels. The central position of the shaft provides easy access to the inspection camera from all directions. In addition, the inspection access points on the shaft base are labelled and thus facilitate the camera’s inspection runs. Precise-fitting inlets in size DN 200 enable the perfectly-aligned transfer of the inspection camera from the shaft into the ditch system. Using the VS inlet module, which can be rotated 360°, optional connections of up to DN 300 can be made without additional connection bends, saving assembly time and reducing costs.

The Graf Vario 800 shaft system can be individually adapted, and also features a shaft access clearance of 600 mm. This facilitates later revisions. According to the requirements concerning the shaft system’s load capacity, it can be completed with a proven Graf telescopic dome shaft suitable for pedestrian/vehicle/HGV loading on the top edge of the ground.

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