Ergonomic gardening with raised beds

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 27, 2019.

Garantia Ergo raised bed system: modular and easy to clean

Raised beds are particularly popular as they offer many advantages: up to four weeks earlier harvesting times and a yield that is up to three times higher than when conventional beds are used. Above all, they provide a much more pleasant and back-friendly gardening experience, without bending and kneeling. The new Garantia Ergo raised-bed system is an economical alternative to wooden raised beds or plastic raised beds, which at present are not overly attractive in appearance.

With raised beds, plant growth is specifically promoted. Solar radiation is much more intense than in a flatbed, and additional heat and nutrients are created by the decaying contents. For this reason, the soil temperature is 5 to 8°C higher in raised beds than in flatbeds. Another advantage: Raised beds can also be laid on low-yield soils – without prior soil renewal

In addition to being a back-saver, the modular Garantia Ergo raised bed system is especially attractive to gardeners thanks to the visible and tangible wood structure of the robust plastic elements. These are UV-stable and are manufactured in Germany in an elaborate process, completely using recycled plastic. The panels are insensitive to moisture and therefore do not require regular new coats of paint, in contrast to wooden raised beds. As a mark of its high quality, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

The Garantia raised bed system is modular in height and has an expandable length. It can be constructed without the use of tools. The basic set consists of six panels with a diameter of 110 cm and a height of 25 cm. The height of the hexagon can be adjusted to the desired working height by combining several sets in 25 cm increments. An extension kit is also available, which extends the basic model by 55 cm. For example, the Ergo raised bed system is also suitable for use as an open compost container.

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