EcoBloc Light attenuation tank installation in Scotland

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 4, 2019.

A long, wet, successful week, in the North East of Scotland

How quickly can you install 962m3 of EcoBloc light combined with rows of EcoBloc inspect flex, with one internal corner?

Well, when the project is up in Aberdeenshire, a 9-hour drive away from most of our installers, it’s a tricky question.

However, when you get to the site and the excavation is prepared perfectly in accordance with our method statement, things get a lot easier and quicker.

When you ask your install team to do the travelling on the Sunday so we’re up there ready to get started first thing Monday morning, it’s a grateful moment when you hear that everything’s perfectly ready for us to get going in the early hours of Monday morning. Thankfully, this is what we’ve come to expect from WM Donald Ltd who we’ve now installed several tanks for in the north east of Scotland, who work closely with our customer Filpumps.

Working for Stewart Milne Homes on a new housing development for 97 new homes in Kingwells, Aberdeenshire, WM Donald were responsible for the installation of the 962m3 stormwater tank, required for the surface water management from the whole site.

We originally quoted this back in March 2016, so it proves that just like one of my favourite drinks, good things come to those who wait. Or in this case, those who regularly follow up and keep talking to their customers and track down every opportunity for business!

With our swift start on Monday morning a few weeks ago, we had all the membrane base down within 4 hours, so by lunchtime on Monday we started the tiring work of carrying and fitting the 4000+ blocs that made up the 962m3 tank. But the whole installation went so well, despite the relentless rain absolutely drenching our team for large parts of the week, by shortly after midnight on the Friday night that same week, our team were back in Oxfordshire ready for a well-deserved, restful weekend!

5 days, well 4.5 days to be precise, and it was all done. Another tank successfully supplied and installed. We’ve a lot to thank our installation teams for, who continue to deliver for us, with some ridiculously early starts and some serious mileage travelled week after week. They do a great job for us, so we can keep doing a great job for our customers. Plenty of jobs do not go as smoothly as this one did, so you’ve got to celebrate the successes and make sure you remember them when times are perhaps not quite so rosy!

Marketing Coordinator - Based at our UK HQ in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Callum is responsible for promoting Water Management Systems, Attenuation Tanks, Treatment Plants, Rainwater Harvesting Systems and more!