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Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on July 3, 2019.

Graf Color your home

Color 2in1 rainwater storage tanks add a touch of colour

Bring colour, elegance and modernity to your garden with the “Color 2in1” from rainwater harvesting specialist Otto Graf based in Teningen, Germany. This designer tank with its trendy colours and satin gloss surface doesn’t have to be hidden away behind the garage. It’s a decorative element which brings vibrant new colours and design touches to your garden or terrace.

The tank’s integrated plant cup is a practical way of customising your Color 2in1. The tank can hold 350 litres of precious rainwater and is available in lemon, apple, lavender, berry and tomato. The tap can be screwed into the high-quality, integrated brass thread at a height to suit the user. Water can also be extracted from the bottom section using an extraction hose. The latest addition to Graf’s range of more than 60 tanks also features high-quality materials and surfaces and high UV stability.

Downpipe filter for a quick connection

All reasonably experienced DIY enthusiasts can install and connect the Color 2in1 with basic tools. A downpipe from the roof is used to connect to the tank. A downpipe filter removes coarse pieces of dirt and automatically prevents the tank from overflowing when full. In the winter, the inlet to the tank can be shut off. The Speedy downpipe filter from Graf makes life particularly easy as it can be fitted to the downpipe in just five minutes.

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