Carl finds waste not, want not, with Graf UK

Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on December 17, 2020.

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Demand to join Graf UK’s nationwide network of accredited service providers is growing exponentially, even during lockdown. Here, one contractor explains what the benefits to him have been of linking up with Graf UK.

Becoming an ambassador for Graf UK wastewater treatment systems has not only made life easier for Carl Pickess but also more profitable.

Just two months after starting up his own company, Kent Waste Water Services, the fledgling business has turned a profit 50% higher than Carl was expecting … and all this during the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown.

In that time, Carl has installed two systems and sold six more wastewater treatment systems that await installation.

So successful is the partnership with Graf UK proving that Carl is now planning on training up his younger brother to do more of the installation side, leaving Carl to concentrate on the servicing, maintenance and site visit aspects in Graf UK’s recently-introduced Lifetime Support scheme.

The partnership was formed after Graf UK contacted local installers prior to the Build It Live exhibition in Maidstone, where Carl’s business is based. Carl has since attended Graf UK seminars and service provider training.

“I jumped at the opportunity. It was what I had been looking for to get the business up and running but I never expected to sell eight tanks in the first few months,” he said. “My first option will always be Graf because they are the best systems on the market.” 

“Lifetime Support is probably the No 1 selling point. Everyone is so interested in it. It’s a huge benefit for customers.”

For businesses who would like to learn more about working with Graf UK, please contact national sales manager Steve Righton on 07702 872348 or or  

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