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Posted by Callum Vallance-Poole, on June 27, 2019.

Graf PR Adding a decorative touch

Graf presents new rainwater tanks and extraction units

The rainwater specialist Otto Graf is expanding its huge range of decorative rainwater tanks and extraction units. The new multi-functional Stone 2in1 rainwater tank, the Barrica water butt and the Roma and Venezia stone fountains all combine great functionality with an attractive design.

Stone 2in1: natural stone look rainwater tank

Following the successful launch of the Color 2in1 product range, Graf is adding the Stone 2in1 product range to its attractive tanks. These tanks are characterised by their smooth granite look surfaces available in silver and lava colour options. The simple lines fit particularly well with the restrained colours. Like the multi-award-winning Color 2in1, the new range has two functions. Firstly, the rainwater tank can hold 350 l of water and secondly, it can be individually decorated with a plant cup.

Thanks to its height and conical shape, the Stone 2in1 only needs a space 62 cm in diameter. The Stone 2in1 is available with two integrated brass threads. The design chrome tap, available as an option, further enhances the tank.

Barrica water butt: rustic wooden look

Fans of the rustic style will love Graf’s new Barrica water butt. The 260 l capacity butt looks like a wooden wine barrel.

The removable lid is very handy, allowing water to be easily taken out with a bucket or watering can. The lid is also childproof. The rustic look water butt is available with an additional convenient connection for extracting water using the universal hose set or for fully draining before the frosts set in.

To ensure that leaves and dirt don’t enter the rainwater tanks, Graf recommends fitting the Speedy rain collector. The filter is fitted in the downpipe, retains large dirt particles and automatically prevents overflowing when the tank is full. In the winter, the inlet to the tank can be shut off.

Venezia and Roma stone fountains: bella figura

The new Roma and Venezia stone fountains are a stylish, yet easy to install extraction unit. Manufactured from weather-resistant plastic and available in light granite or red stone, these fountains with an attractive natural stone look are the perfect addition to Mediterranean gardens in particular.

The stone fountains are supplied pre-assembled. The low-weight plastic fountains are very easy to install. The fact that the fountains can be connected from below using a standard ¾-inch hose connection makes them particularly useful. Not only are they suited to connection to the drinking water system, they can also serve as an additional extraction point if part of a complete system with underwater rainwater tank. Water is extracted via a nostalgic-looking tap.

In recognition of their high quality, Graf provides a 5-year warranty on its products.

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